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          In today’s box there are many delicious fruits and vegetables! Our  lovely box is packed with vegetables and leafy greens, and peaches.  A late hard frost just at the peak of blossoming season wiped out over 60% of our locally sourced stone fruits (peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums), but the vegetables are ripe and delicious by way of consolation.  Some lovely looking items include the spectacular Red Celery and Ruby and Emerald Okra as well as mixed Summer Squash. We also have our first fresh New Jersey Tomatoes, and baby Eggplants.  We also have Salt and Pepper Cucumbers, one of my all around favorite vegetables.  So much so in fact, that it is today’s featured vegetable! Wow!


Salt and Pepper Cucumbers are roughly three to five inches long and are initially white-skinned with black spikes. The appearance of the immature cucumber was the inspiration for the name “Salt and Pepper”. When these hybrid cucumbers mature, the skin turns a pale yellow; growing darker the longer the cucumber is left on the vine. The flesh within is very pale with a greenish center full of translucent seeds. The ratio of seeds to flesh is optimal for fresh eating. Salt and Pepper cucumbers have a crisp texture and a good heirloom flavor.

Salt and Pepper Cucumbers are one of the first modern vegetables bred specifically (but not exclusively) for organic production. These cucumbers were carefully chosen due to the combination of disease resistance and a quality heirloom flavor.  The pale yellow Salt and Pepper cucumbers are best for eating fresh and pickling. Use in salads, drinks, or add garnish and serve as an hors d’oeuvre. The flavor can be enhanced by any number of pickling herbs or spices.

With today’s delightfully vibrant vegetables, such as the Red Celery, Okra, and Salt and Pepper cucumber, you’re in good shape to make a colorful and delicious fresh summer salad.  We also have a number of recipes with today’s box so stay tuned for their arrivals.