Another lovely box to rescue the super-hot week here in the Tri-State area.

This week features a purple theme with our very cute Fairytale Eggplants and pretty Purple Bell Peppers. Fruit is Little Sweetie Cantaloupes; their name pretty much covers it. Accompanying these items are: Pa. Bi-color Corn, White Onions, Yukon Potatoes and Roma Tomatoes.


Today’s featured veggies of the box are the Purple Bell Pepper and the Fairytale Eggplants which are both guaranteed to spark conversation on a dinner plate or in your garden at home. The bell peppers, which are colored a rich, deep purple, they have terrific sweet bell flavor to go with their good looks. Peppers start green, shift to white, and then develop purple stripes that eventually cover the whole fruit. The purple skin contrasts beautifully with lime green flesh. It’s a stunning combination that really dresses up fresh veggie trays, sandwiches, salads, and other dishes.

On to the eggplants, these enchanting little delights only grow to about 4 inches in length and are about an inch in diameter.  Their claim to fame?  They do not need to be peeled to be eaten and no special steps are required to leach out any bitterness.  They are perfect to begin with. Tender, plump and sweet, these mini marvels are little jewels of delicious creamy flavor.

Check the recipes section of the blog to find out how to make use of these great ingredients!