Farewell to our Summer, Hello Fall Session commencing on Sept. 12!


We have reached the end of our summer session and what a summer it has been! Fall session starts Sept. 21st so make sure you sign up before then. This however does not mean our box is short of delicious summer veggies as well as some Boxed Organic favorites. This week we see sweet onions, green bell peppers, Roma tomatoes and Bicolor corn. Just to name a few. Our last summer box also gives us a peak into what is to come for the fall with fall classics like Gala apples and Bartlett pears. Enjoy!

potato potato-2

Our featured box item this week is the Beauregard Sweet Potato. Developed at Louisiana State University in 1987, this variety may be the world’s most popular sweet potato. Packed with both nutrients and a sweet flavor, sweet potatoes are one of the most versatile and healthful vegetables available. They are chock-full of disease-preventing, cancer-fighting, and immune-boosting benefits.

Roast sweet potatoes to bring out their natural flavor. There is no need to add in marshmallow topping or loads of butter, sweet potatoes have a naturally sweet and creamy taste that can be enjoyed all on their own. To add a little spice without extra calories, try sprinkling on cinnamon, cumin or curry powder.

The fastest way to prepare a sweet potato is in the microwave. Prick the potato with a fork and then microwave on high until soft. Make sure to let it cool for several minutes, and then drizzle with olive oil or top with fat-free plain Greek yogurt.

Try our simple and healthy recipes for Hash to add sweet potatoes into your diet!