Welcome to Boxed Organics’ Fall Session


This week features a plethora of Pennsylvania specialty veggies including white onions, green beans, kale, heirloom tomatoes, gold zucchini and our first hard squash this year, spaghetti squash. Fruits in the box include two varieties of apples, Smokehouse and Rambo (Rambour Franc) as well as the infamous Kiwiberries.

The featured items of the box are Baby kiwi fruit AKA Kiwiberries along with the Rambo apples.


Baby kiwi fruit are small berries, just shy of the size and similar in shape to a grape. Baby kiwi fruit are a rather delicate fruit and post-harvest quality can deteriorate quickly. Baby kiwi will easily step in with similar virtues, without the necessary peeling required for their larger counterpart. Baby kiwi can lend themselves to preparations both sweet and savory, cold and warm. Kiwis lend a sweet tart flavor to salads and cocktails. Pair Baby kiwis with less acidic fruits, decadent creamy desserts or fruit tarts. Within savory preparations, kiwi can enhance many ethnic foods from Asian to Latin. Kiwis stand up well to the richness of stewed meats, avocados, the boldness of peppery flavors, chutneys and the aged flavors of cheeses such as Camembert. There are only three commercial growing regions of the Baby kiwi fruit: California, New Zealand and Chile. However we are luck enough to have a grower right here in the garden state!

Rambo Apples are thought to have come from the town Rambure, near Abbeville, France, and was recorded in 1535. Large in size and truncate-conic in shape, it is lightly ribbed on the body and prominently ribbed at the eye. Usually, it is asymmetrical in shape. The pale greenish-yellow skin is flushed pale-red and streaked carmine, and scattered wit.Rambo’s flavors are mild with a good sweet-tart balance. Generally, the tastes comprise a pleasant mix of vinous berries that could be part of the McIntosh family. There is also the suggestion of vanilla and the merest hint of something rather like minty tarragon. Nice.