Every other week we take delivery of the best, freshest produce from a variety of local farmers. By working with a number of small farms in NJ, NY and PA we can ensure excellent variety and quality in our box of food.

We also source the freshest eggs from small flocks of pastured chickens and include them in your box.

We pack your box for you so all you have to do is collect it, enjoy the food and then exchange the empty box for more in two weeks’ time.

We send an e-newsletter containing the week’s items, recipes and helpful hints.

In addition we periodically offer delicious optional add-ons including, but not limited to:

  • Fresh Chèvre from grass fed goats
  • Organic Yogurts
  • Local raw honey
  • Locally grown, harvested and canned jams and jellies
  • Organic, locally grown and milled grains and flours
  • Organic Granola
  • Organic, locally grown dried beans
  • Organic Dried Fruit
  • Locally, grown, harvested and pressed juices
  • and more….
We offer delivery in the Montclair NJ area and pickup to anyone who can get here. Many of our members car-pool the pickups so they end up only having to come once a month and one less vehicle is on the road.

Care to join us? Subscription is by session. Each session covers one season  (6 picks ups every other Wednesday over a 12 week period) and, as we eat year round, we operate year round.

Click here to see the contents of some recent boxes.