Boxed Organics for a healthier us and a healthier planet.

We believe locally produced, organic and sustainably grown food should be available and affordable for everyone. Our goal is to do our part to make this happen, we invite you to join us.

We source seasonally from local farmers  year round but also go a little further afield in the depths of winter so that you will always have a full and varied box of produce in your kitchen. Making Boxed Organics your primary food source will save you money and time.

We provide easy to follow recipes so that you can have fun cooking with your box.

Because we work with a number of local farmers we have access to a wide variety of heirloom fruits and vegetables. In addition to our ‘old faithful’ items, we introduce you to rare and unusual varieties and then show you what to do with them.

Sourcing locally means that the produce is super fresh, often picked less than 24 hours before you get it. This freshness and sustainable growing practices results in the tastiest produce you’ve ever had. You won’t believe it’s the same fruit, you thought you knew what an apple tasted like but you didn’t!

By reducing the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides and long-distance transportation we directly positively impact the health of our planet and our children.

We know our farmers and farms. We support farms with ethical work practices. These include fair wages and healthy working conditions for all connected with the farm.

By working with smaller farms we directly impact our farming families ability to keep those farms going.

We build community, both in our membership group and between our members and our farmers. Please explore this site to meet some of our farmers and learn more about the importance of sustainably grown local produce for human and environmental health and well-being.

Boxed Organics combines the best of traditional CSA, Local Food Coop practices. As a mission driven organization we work towards a triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profit.